About Us

Who We Are


The Australian Network for the Development of Animal Assisted Therapies (ANDAAT) is a not for profit and Health Promotion Charity organization registered in Victoria Australia. 

ANDAAT FOUNDATION ABN 40 428 081 690 is a Trust endorsed as Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) from October 2010. ANDAAT Foundation is the funding arm of ANDAAT and has been established for the sole purpose of receiving funds from the public and using them to achieve the goals of ANDAAT. The Foundation plays a vital role in raising, managing and using those funds in accordance with its trust deed. 

ANDAAT has been established as a network to promote Animal Assisted Therapies (AAT) and related Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) and educate others about their value and benefits. Our organization aims to improve public and government bodies perception of AAT services, provide a network to the providers of AAT, promote the use of Animal Assisted Therapies and assist those who wish to use, research, study, and work in this industry. 


ANDAAT Governance

The Board of Directors, in accordance with ANDAAT constitution and the governing laws and regulations under which the organization has been registered in Australia, governs ANDAAT.

The Board is dedicated to:

  • Promote the health, science, research, services and other relevant areas of Animal Assisted Therapies (AAT) and Activity (AAA) for the benefit of individuals who suffer from ailment / disorders, their families and the community.
  • Identify stakeholder expectations and establish the AAT outcomes to be achieved for the benefit of research, study and the broader community.
  • Ensure that all donations and grants are managed responsibly and used where they most needed for the benefit of all AAT stakeholders

What We Believe In

ANDAAT has been established as a network to promote Animal Assisted Therapies (AAT) and related Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) and educate others about their value and benefits. Our organization aims to improve public and government bodies perception of AAT services, provide a network to the providers of AAT, promote the use of Animal Assisted Therapies and assist those who wish to use, research, study, and work in this industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish an effective network that provides direction in research, study, advocacy, education, collaboration, accumulation and dissemination of information for the benefit of all users of Animal Assisted Therapies and Activities in Australian society.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see a social commitment to Animal Assisted Therapies and that it is accessible to all Australians who can benefit from it.

What We Believe In

There is encouraging evidence from research and various studies, particularly the evidence gathered from families that provide an overwhelming positive feedback on the changes in health and behavior of individuals that they have experienced following participation in AAT programs. This feedback is also highlighting the capacity of AAT to improve the quality of life of individuals with physical challenges and to reduce the burden on caring families is

We need to enable more Animal Assisted Therapy and Activity programs in Australia to continue the research and study the benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy to establish scientific evidence that will lead to the appropriate government health provisions and funding.

Society in Australia needs to know what Animal Assisted Therapy is. The information, benefits and value of AAT should be clearly visible and available to all stakeholders in our community.

We need to establish equal opportunities and access to effective resources for clients and their families who need and wish to use animals in their lives to relieve the effects of their disability.


What We Do

Promote the concept and philosophy of AAT

Aim to improve public and government bodies’ perception of AAT services and provide a network for people and organisations that research, study and use AAT and related activities.

Promote the use of Animal Assisted Therapies in Australian communities and assist those who wish to use, research, study, and work in AAT.

Act as an network umbrella organization to ensure that all information and advances in AAT & AAA regarding; assistance, service and therapy animals, research, studies, Australian laws and standards, Australian and International AAT organisations are more accessible to all Australians.

Provide information to individuals and groups of people who may benefit from AAT.

Encourage therapists to be a Promotional and Educational Resource for AAT. It is important to ensure that therapists aware of the latest research and study on the benefits of AAT and available services, so they can reach stakeholders for whom it may be of benefit.

Encourage professionals and leaders from all services and disciplines to look at the value of using AAT within their practices, businesses, organizations, and educational facilities etc., when appropriate, as an alternative to the more conservative methodologies currently being used in many health, social and educational areas.

Identify and grow the number of AAT providers and ensure that these services are visible to affected people who could benefit from their services.


ANDAAT is committed to contributing towards Australian AAT research and the development of AAT and related activity services.

ANDAAT aims to be involved in a number of ways:

  • Identify past and current research on the methods and benefits of AAT in Australia and overseas and provide current research outcomes, advances and benefits to AAT via our network.
  • AAT research projects and trials depend on access to and the cooperation of individuals and AAT service providers, AAT farms and active community services. ANDAAT aims to locate current centers and organizations in Australia and abroad and promote cooperation and coordination to benefit the impact of their activity in our communities and to facilitate various research and study organisations.
  • Provide regular updates on AAT activity to all interested in via the web and a free e-Newsletter.
  • Fund research when funds are available to do so
  • Promote and fund collaboration between Australian and overseas organisations to build research capacity thus increasing demand for AAT services in Australia.
  • Research links to a selection of websites containing information about AAT and related topics.

Remove impediments

Some lows and by laws arrangements around Australia for the users of Assistance Animals are still prohibitive. One primary area is transportation, where each state has different passes and conditions for the issue of Assistance Animal Pass. For the animal and its partner the obstacles placed on travelling and access to public places is difficult, may effect their lifestyle and the ability to relieve the effects of their disability.


Other areas of where a lack of knowledge impedes the utilization of Assistance Animals is evident is in accommodation, entry into Shopping complexes, restaurants, in fact anywhere where the general consensus is that animals are prohibited without a recognized access pass.

ANDAAT is committed to:

  • Facilitate the utilization of AAT and remove impediments. It is necessary to identify, reduce or remove any impediments that could lower the utilization of AAT for people who may depend on their animals to relieve the effects of their disability and lead a healthier lifestyle.
  • Lobbying for public support to give the same privileges to all ‘service dogs (or other animals)’ as are given to guide dogs in public places and ensure that there is National recognition for such animals.


ANDAAT is committed to raise funds and use them to enable ANDAAT’s goals to be achieved.

What We Fund

It is mainly thanks to the generosity of general public, communities, philanthropic organizations, corporations and organizations that provide donations and funds that AAT research, awareness and support to people in need can be achieved.

ANDAAT Foundation is responsible for the management of the funds received from the public. The funds raised are invested effectively until they are required to be used.

The Foundation is dedicated to direct the funds to where it most needed and where appropriate be one of a number of supporters of a program or a project. This support may be directed to:

  • Promotion and awareness of AAT in the broader community through various advertising projects
  • Research and study
  • Cost support for people who want to utilize AAT
  • Provision of grants and other awards to entities, including charitable foundations for specific projects in the area of AAT
  • An on going and pioneering AAT research
  • Development of technology and equipment where appropriate for the partnership between animals and people in their care
  • Training organisations, educational programs and Higher Education scholarships in the area of AAT
  • Start-up support for innovative models of service, training, support and assistance to therapists treating people with some ailments / disorders

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